It is presently a very real possibility that the tiger will become extinct in our lifetime.

Tiger conservation is therefore now more critical than ever.

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Since before I can remember, I have had such a deep love and appreciation for tigers. They have always been close to my heart, I even wanted to turn my bedroom into a cane jungle at about the age of 11, having already decorated it with as much tiger paraphernalia as I could accumulate. My primary school email address was ‘lazytiger’, which now happens to be the name of my favorite painting 11 years later.. The love never went away, and at the age of 18 I was asked, “what would you be if you could be anything”. Without hesitation, my answer was “someone who works with tigers”, much to the surprise of my peers and lecturer. A few months later for my 19th birthday, my family made the dream of a 10 year old come true and I finally got to meet a real life tiger at the Australia Zoo. Although actually working with tigers as such might not be as close to a reality as it is a dream, I’m glad to be able to do my small part in keeping these magnificent creatures stay on this planet for a whole lot longer. Art has become a passion of mine, and the thought of being able to use it help raise funds and awareness for a cause I care more about now than I ever thought I did, brings me so much joy. You can also play a part in saving these beautiful creatures.

It is estimated that there are less than 500 Sumatran Tigers left in the wild


$5 saves 1 tiger in the wild for 1 day

      $5 of every sale is personally donated to Australia Zoo to help save Sumatran Tigers from extinction
 This means a tiger is saved for a day by every purchase you make!

By purchasing any product from Jessiefaye, you are supporting the Tiger Conservation Protection Units (TCPUs) within Sumatra. The benefits of these units are numerous: thousands of square meters of forests have been patrolled and protected; local communities and their livelihoods have been protected; community education has been increased; and other species, in addition to tigers, have been saved. Australia Zoo Wildlife Warriors has provided the TCPUs with vehicles and an assortment of other necessary equipment, including global positioning systems (GPS), digital cameras, veterinary drugs, uniforms and spotlights. Australia Zoo is also involved in generating and updating tiger information, surveying of key species, training of key field personnel, and tools for the TCPUs including packs, boots and other equipment.

Thankyou for your support