Cats & Coffee

``Cats are everywhere. There was a time you couldn’t scroll through your Facebook feed or Instagram without seeing at least 5 cat memes and half a dozen videos capturing them doing all sorts of cute and crazy things.``

Who can honestly say they haven’t spent hours of their time on YouTube, clip after clip of cats just being their quirky, lovable selves. A couple of years ago I lived in Brisbane with some friends I met from America and Holland. To say they were obsessed only kind of sums up their addiction to the four-legged creatures. ‘Cats and coffee’ was their slogan or mantra that they lived by as on numerous occasions they could be seen walking to class not only with a coffee, which is more than acceptable, but also with a French press in hand so they could ‘top up’ half way through a lecture. I could not escape it, nor did I want too.

But my love of cats came long before these two cat-crazed teens entered my life, though it was not for domestic kitties. It was by my 10th birthday that my bedroom turned into a shrine for the most beautiful creatures to walk the earth; the Tiger.

I got a crazy amount of tiger related gifts and to this day I cannot count how many tiger print throw rugs or tiny figurines I have owned. Over the top may have been about right, but I loved them. So when I stopped watching my sister do all the drawings and started discovering I too had a talent, it’s not hard to imagine what images started appearing on my paper.

My love for cats has only grown over the years and they are easily my favourite subjects to draw and paint. They are majestic and beautiful and I cannot flick past a picture of one without having to just appreciate, in pure awe, how magnificent they are (domestic cats included, some have the hearts of lions).
Along with my big cats, my little cats have always been close to my heart and life would just not have been the same without all my previous furry companions. To have a cat as a friend is a very beautiful thing.